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Limited-edition sneakers designed by rapper Travis Scott, featuring backward Swooshes, hidden stash pockets, and other unique details.




Breaking down the AJ1 Next Chapter

This fresh take on the iconic Chicago colourway boasts a mix of materials, including lustrous leather and soft suede.

Lateral Side of the Toe Box

has a small hit of suede, a little bit darker and duller in comparison and then followed by a nubuck leather.

Side Wings or Flaps

have those synthetic patterns that were on the eyelets with an Air Jordan logo printed on the red, the top collar also has that iridescent effect.

Glow in the Dark Rubber Cup Sole

Nike Air Technology underneath the heel for cushioning and impact protection. Constructed with a glow-in-the-dark red colored leather.

Middle Eyelets

covered with a synthetic overlay which a multicolor circular pattern. The swoosh is made up of a synthetic patent leather which has a bit of iridescence to it.

Toe Box

Covered in white colored leather with perforations running across, surrounded by vibrant red leather.

Sneaker Events Galore!

Guerdon Kicks believes that everyone should have access to the sneakers they love, regardless of their location or budget. That's why we set up stalls at multiple events and at multiple locations traversing through different economic backgrounds and cultures.

Guerdon Kicks' Omnipresence

From the Maharani Exhibition in Kolkata to one of the best clubs in Delhi, Bohca, you will find Guerdon Kicks with most exclusive sneakers everywhere.

There weren’t many options growing up, so I would wear whatever possible. I once saw a little boy wearing Jordan sneakers in a movie… and that made me dream.

Neymar Jr.

I've always been into fashion since I was a kid. I love fashion. I appreciate it. I just enjoy dressing up and getting all the new sneakers and all the hot exclusive clothes – I did even when I was young.


It was crazy how a hearse and a pair of sneakers could cheer a guy up.

Kami Garcia

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